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branding-expert-photo-2Welcome to the website of Promote Your Brand Name. We are a Web Marketing Company based in Torquay, England. We offer a number of Web Marketing Services to help our clients obtain high rankings within the organic search ranking listings.

With search giant Google dramatically changing the way it ranks online content, it is now more important than ever that your business understands the new breed of SEO tactics to ensure your web presence comes out on top.

Continuing with tried and tested methods may no longer guarantee the presence you need amid a crowded, competitive online environment.

A comprehensive, multi-channel approach is now essential.

Social media IS relevant to your business

Facebook, and Twitter, once purely social tools, are now proven branding agents for businesses across all sectors.

SMES and multinationals alike are harnessing the power of the fan page and the tweet to build and boost their brand.

Despite clear benefits, resource and budget pressed businesses which lack the know-how frequently prioritise other activities, leaving social for another day.

How we help you, your company and your brand

An affordable, complete Facebook and Twitter management service from initial identity development to channel redesign, content management, and fan/follower engagement.

social-branding-photoYour Facebook, and Twitter pages are opportunity-rich places to promote your business or personal brand in a lively and interactive way. Don’t let your social presence just be a place to repeat your contact information and corporate material.

These pages are highly visible ‘shopfronts’ where you can bring your products and services to life.

Social media channels also let you interact with customers and other stakeholders, including your own staff, partners and potential customers – all of which can become valuable online brand ambassadors.

You can share details of your company history, latest news and product development:  because social media is an excellent story-telling tool, it enables you to engage with your audience on a more informal, but equally powerful level.

You can also interact with staff, catalogue company history and highlight any other facet of your business that might attract other Facebook/Twitter users and spark interest in what you do.

Share photographs and videos (relating to your business or personal brand) to build and share your brand.

Posting multimedia content such as pictures and videos, as well as written content, offers a richer and diverse user experience and is a powerful way to communicate with customers and potential customers.

Gone are the days when business needs to happen face-to-face, now you can bring your business to the customer, allowing them to see your product or service without having to visit your premises.

How we can help you

We can assist in creating photographic and video content to enrich existing web content and build your social presence. Give us a brief and we will develop a range of content which can be used across your online channels.

Fresh, relevant blog content breathes new life into tired web content

High quality, unique blog content boosts natural links to your website and provides brand-rich material for multiple online channels so your messages are disseminated and redistributed across your networks.

How we can help you

One off blog design and build to complete blog management, from initial design and brand development to regular blog posts and content management.

We also have a social media management service monthly package. This is where we write four blog posts and manage the Facebook and Twitter accounts of our clients for a monthly fee of £275. At the outset we welcome you to take advantage of our FREE ONE WEEK TRIAL to see if you like the way that we work.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Our telephone number is 07967 549 070 and our e-mail address is