Employer To Employee Perspective Of Brand Name Marketing

Brand Name Marketing PhotoWith the recession over, the job market is surging. Employees are no longer sitting in dead-end jobs comfortable to be taking a salary home at the end of the month.

Comfortable is gone, and that jobs spike is around an 80% growth across the UK jobs market, and employees are becoming choosey about who to work with and rightly so.

The most successful businesses are connected. They have a strong brand across the digital media and in offline communities too.

Staff incentives are used to attract candidates and lower recruitment fees, but does your business have the right balance for an employer brand proposition?

That’s a question you may want to give some thought to.

While it is possible to have a strong brand name in the eyes of your customers, it’s also possible to have a weak brand in the eyes of potential recruits.

If you can’t stand up to a strong brand, employees are likely to go with one of your competitors. That will likely be a company with a unique approach to recruitment.

The 5 components that attract the best candidates for your business

1. True to the brand

A unified voice needs to be heard amidst your employees. While you might feel that you’ve a great incentive program implemented to help you retain staff, it’s worthless if your employees think their goals are unattainable.

If rewards are offered, your current employees are the place to start. Ask if they value the incentives, or any other programs you offer in your business and that will let you know if your plans ring true with your current staff.

If they don’t, there are no referral programs in the world going to work until a real unified recruitment package is established and verified with your staff.

2. Relevant to both staff and business goals

If you’re running a call centre paying telesales reps above industry salaries, then it’s unlikely they’ll be complaining. However, if you pay minimum wage with above average performance bonuses, then it’s relevant to your business interests and your employees.

Salaries are only part of the package though as the best talent is recruited based on the potential for career progression.

Therefore, for your business to grow, it’s highly advantageous to allow your team to grow with your business.

3. Credible to recruits

Credibility starts from your current team, regardless if it’s small. It only takes one member of your staff to have your brand name linked with their social media profiles and when they praise your brand, they do your marketing for you.

The opposite can happen though as if you’re advertising as the best in the business and your current team members are destroying your brand credibility, then you will lose out big time.

When it comes to attracting real talent to your business, you need a strong brand, and that’s built through solid foundations of brand name marketing, creating positivity associated with your business.

4. Distinctive amidst competitors

There are a couple of things employees look for in new jobs. One of those is security, and that’s associated with a strong brand name. The other is the potential for career progression, and you may be surprised to find that to get that potential, provided it is backed by the credibility factor, that a lower salary package can still be a powerful attractor because the potential is there.

5. Ambition to strive for more

If you really want top talented staff in your business, you need to demonstrate the same level of ambition, if not more.

Why ask candidates to be ambitious if the business plan doesn’t involve growing into more competitive markets, and consistently striving to become the best in your field.

Ambition is a two way street, and the stronger brand name you have, the more likely it is you’ll attract the staff you need to help you reach your business goals.

Every business is only as strong as the people behind the scenes.

Bring your brand unity together

Think of the biggest brands you can and think of them from two sides:

  • Inside the brand are the people of the business
  • Outside of the brand is how the business is perceived

When you promote your brand name, promote from the inside to resonate with the outside and bring the two together in unison.

With time, and persistence, using all the mediums the digital era has to offer, any size of business can create a powerful brand presence both online and offline.