Essential Social Media Management Marketing Services

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Social media services are the backbone of your online brand and essential to the creation of your virtual persona. Business can no longer rely on a 7 x 4 ad in the Thomson Local or Yellow Pages.

People want to know more about your business, the team you have available, and the customer services they can experience by doing business with your company. That’s where social comes into things.

Integrating social media into your marketing strategy gives your brand a fresh perspective and enables your brand ambassadors to connect with your customers and bring your offer to live.

Engagement is a powerful tool: get the balance right when it comes to content and your customers will come back for more, then spread the word about your offer and act as your unofficial – but influential – brand ambassadors.

Do you know where most businesses go wrong with marketing on social media?

Many businesses fall into the trap of using social media channels to churn out their direct marketing, a mistake which will quickly turn off existing and new customers

People hate to be sold too – that’s not why they’re on social sites. They hang out on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus etc, to socialise with people who have similar interests.

If you’re passionate about baking, and run a local bakery, then chances are you’ll be on Facebook posting pictures of the delicious cakes you’ve baked – this is fine if you’re encouraging genuine interest and comments without a hidden agenda.

Your customers and potential customers want to know what’s new but it’s more impactful to get them to do the talking for you, and share their opinions on your chocolate muffins rather than hear from you how great they are.

Subliminal Marketing through Social Media

On social media sites, a subtle approach, which represents your brand without the hard sell is the best approach..

For a social media campaign to be a success, you need the time and know-how to manage your account effectively. And as your brand presence grows along with your number of followers, the more interactions you’ll be required to manage so it’s essential you have the time to keep up these interactions and ensure your content is balanced.

Create a profile/page/account which is current, interesting and two-way (don’t overdo the hard sell) and your fans and followers will find it a conducive environment for sharing and connecting. And before you know it, the platform will be your living brand.

Remember, not every update needs to business-focused. Interaction with your ‘fans’ is key and it’s important to make time to get to know them, understand their needs so you know what makes them tick.

A mixture of personality and business keeps your business real

To anyone who doesn’t already know about your business, your social media presence is a useful gauge to establish your credibility, so take it as seriously as you would any other marketing channel.

When it comes to complaints, it’s easy for your customers share their often unflattering views on these, very public, forums. It’s really important to keep on top of these potential damaging comments and respond quickly to maintain your customer satisfaction and demonstrate to prospects there’s a real human side to your business which cares, wants tosolve problems and keep its customers happy.

You could call this the subliminal part of the marketing – every action you take on line embodies your brand so your online persona, like employees, must act with integrity in order to establish trust and encourage customers to themselves become ambassadors of your brand through powerful Word of mouth recommendations..

5 key Social Networks:

1) Twitter

2) Facebook

3) Pinterest

4) Google Plus

5) YouTube

The most popular choices for businesses across all sectors is Facebook And Twitter, which have different functions but complement each other well and benefit from simple integration across the platforms.

Pinterest is the social images network. Images can be an equally effective medium for spreading your marketing message, and building your brand. By generating social shares your brand gains , exposure and with it credibility..

Google Plus’ concept of circles for friends, and business associates is another useful tool which adds additional credibility to search results related to your business by, adding a powerful image which will stand out among a page of text.

YouTube can be linked to G+ account thus inviting prospects more interested in video content, rather than written material.

In short, the more channels you use to interact with your customers, the more successful your campaign can be; but it takes time to manage these channels and skill to keep them fresh and engaging, and time is often something small businesses lack. .

That’s where social media marketing services can help your business.

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