The Keys to Unlocking Twitter Success For Your Business

When you’re about to start using Twitter, or even if you’re already on the platform and not seeing the results you were initially expecting, then the following will put you on the right path.

There’s a right and a wrong way to use Twitter for business, and the right way needs a plan to get you noticed.

You’re going into a crowd of millions here. A crowd that doesn’t give T in the Park, even combined with a Glastonbury festival a look in. The noise is unnerving and to get yourself standing out amidst a crowd of this magnitude, you need a plan of action.

The steps below will steer you in the right direction for using Twitter for your business:

Getting your Twitter Handle Right

When the .com boom started a market formed of people snatching up domain names, holding them, and then selling them to business owners for more than they purchased them for. This still happens because the .com is like the web. Without a .com or a you’re going to struggle with branding.

The only reason being, that people associate a website with a .com or a extension.

That same issue is now happening with Twitter. Your Twitter handle is your user name. Since branding requires consistency, you may be better with a domain extension for your personal blog or corporate website, which has the same Twitter handle available for brand consistency.

It’ll avoid confusing your target audience and even stop people from following the wrong people when they think they’re on your page.

Set your brand image up

Your brand is the image you need consistency with too. For your best approach use the same image across all your social media profiles. The wording in your tagline should explain exactly what you’re about and your image should remain consistent across all your social media accounts. Again…avoiding confusion

Differentiate what you’re all about – Expert, Resource or Both

When you’re on Twitter, you’ve got a couple of personas you can take, depending on your expertise. You can be the expert resource for people to turn to, perhaps becoming known for Q & A sessions, answering questions that your audience has.

The other option you have is to be a resource to your audience, and not claim to be an expert. As a resource, you’re just staying on top of all the latest news and providing commentary along the way.

Form a consistent marketing plan

With your Twitter accounts set up to brand your business, your website and your Twitter handle, you then need a marketing plan to ensure people remember your details.

You can do that in a number of places by placing your Twitter handle on your:

  • Email signatures
  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Thank-you slips you enclose with any shipped orders

If you’re using video marketing you can also embed your Twitter handle into the video too.

The key to success on Twitter is through consistency – consistency in your branding, in your persona, your images/logos down to consistency in your marketing plan.

It all adds up to maximum success in marketing your business on Twitter.

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