Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing Campaign Via The Help Of A Social Media Addict

Are you looking to outsource your social media marketing campaign? Are you becoming bored of running your own social media campaign? If you have answered either of these questions in the positive then I may well have a solution – ME! So who are you? I can hear you ask.

Well my name is Steve Hill and I am one of the founders of Promote Your Brand Name. I am aged 40, as of 2014, and I live in Birmingham, England.

And now for the confession:

I am a social media addict! Unlike the majority of people that find social media a complete bore and something which is just far too time consuming; I love it! Yes I am more than aware of just how sad this statement is.

But why do you love it Steve?

This is a simple question to answer; because it works! And what I mean by that is it helps my businesses to gain additional revenue. Yes I do enjoy the social side of it, but I am doing it for one main reason – the hope that it will help me to increase the overall profitability of each of the businesses that I run – and so far, so good.

So you say that you are a social media addict Steve; can you explain more about why you think this? In truth I am not a real “addict” however I probably do spend way too much time on the various platforms. And I will provide you with an example here.

As well as managing the campaigns of a number of clients I also run the social media accounts of my business websites as you can see below:

Google Plus:

Google plus:

Google plus:

Google plus:

Google plus:

So if you would like me to help you with your campaign, or if you have any questions, I welcome you to contact me.

I currently have a special offer monthly package available. This is where write one blog post each week and where I also manage my clients Google plus, Facebook and Twitter accounts for a monthly fee of £350.

There is more information about this package here:

OK I am now off to do some tweeting!

Steve Hill
Promote Your Brand Name
0121 453 9208 / 07967 549 070

Experience The Power Of Connections Through Google Plus

gplus benefits

Google+ is a network crammed full of consumers, business owners, bloggers, and influential characters that can do a number on your marketing campaigns.

It only takes a connection with one person of influence to skyrocket your online exposure, and that’s what you can tap into on the Google+ network.

It has a mixture of every type of person from savvy business owners, consumers, and an active blogging community, who can put your content in front of the eyes of targeted prospects, on your behalf.

Connections are a key factor to business growth. You cannot grow online alone. Offline businesses often connect through events, be it a sponsored sporting event, or a local community event to raise awareness.

Online – things work much faster and take nowhere near as long compared to organising an event. If you’re looking to do a webinar type of event, with a small number of people, you can use the Google+ Hangout feature to connect face-to-face, via video conferencing, and really get to know the people you’re connected with through your circles.

How you use those features directly affects the type of results you can achieve

For marketing purposes, you can separate influential people on Google+ into a circle of marketing prospects. That could be to organise a local event, perhaps a seminar on the benefits of your particular services…


It could be an educational hangout to a number of potential customers where you can announce your latest product launch, before it goes live in your stock inventory.

The power of the latter can be a huge boost to raising the stakes at launch through a beta testing period, creating powerful user reviews on your Google+ business page. Just because you took the time to educate a handful of consumers on the purpose and the how to, on using the product, ensuring a fuss free use, geared towards attracting positive reviews.

Those reviews are rated and are right within the Google search results pages (SERPs). That’s just one example of how you can boost your business with the power of Google+.

The uses for the network go far beyond just connecting with people. You can do that on any social network. It’s the diverse magnitude of ways you have at your disposal to connect with your circles that make Google+ the absolute must for any serious business owner. Regarding online exposure, the more you work it, the better your growth. It’s all about influence and exposure here.

Connect with as many people as possible, continually contributing as much as possible

The more you have your content posted, the more your Google+ Business Page is going to show up on your circles notifications.

The more exposure you gain, the more powerful a branding effect starts to occur. People remember you, and they begin to trust you as a credible source. When you use a variety of ways to share your content, i.e. video, text, image, and hangouts, the more unexpected your material becomes.

When you create that “I wonder” scenario, people begin to pay more attention to your notifications, really start to engage with you, follow the directions you have to either follow a link, make a purchase, or comment on a purchase already made.

Whatever goals you have, you can only achieve it through connections. If you want a spike in your website traffic, get your content in front of active bloggers. Give them a quality page to share with their readership, and gain a powerful endorsement right off the bat.

The people you need to be connected with can be found on Google+.

You only need to arrange your circles into groups that meet your business goals:

• A combination of people who could be your ideal customer

• Some experts that could help gain you more exposure

• And others who can help to boost your marketing campaigns, and share your content with an audience who are interested in what you have to offer, and attract more people to your Google+ page.

The more activity your Google+ business page has, the more powerful a marketing tool you’re creating, resulting in longevity.

Avoid A Mass Link Building Catastrophe Via Social Media

social media linking

With the ever-evolving world of organic search, algorithm updates, and penalisations galore, the process of natural link acquisition is the only way to guarantee search engine results that last.

The problem is how you acquire those links, without buying links by the thousands from overseas providers, bots, or one-user accounts, with a massive amount of fake profiles attached, with no reach on social media sites at all. There’s a power of those accounts scattered around.

After a conversation the other day on Google Plus, discussing client requirements for organic search listings, it’s clear cut that local clients, and perhaps even some uneducated brands have a bit of a learning curve ahead of them.

Note to +Dennis Brown – The link above is the uncut conversation 😉

At first our concern was that it was the process we took explaining our services, benefits, and the results that we can and do achieve for clients to one prospect who approached us, for an SEO service.

While it is part of what we do, we can’t and will not guarantee fast results. After reviewing the conversation though, and discussing with others in the same field, it’s clear that some educational content is required for not just the potential client we’d spoken with, but for every business owner looking to achieve lasting results in organic search, and probably hitting a brick wall, if misinformed.

This is a process and not one that can be achieved overnight. Probably not even in the short space of a couple of months.

When we say short space, we really do mean in a short period of time. When link acquisitions are acquired organically, it leads to long-term organic listings. Not a flash in the pan ranking that disappears at the next Google algorithm update.

SEO is a drawn out process. When it’s done right, the impact is a sustainable ranking. There is a clear-cut difference in a long-term strategic SEO campaign, in comparison to a campaign that’s being implemented for the objectives of fast rankings.

If you want sustainable rankings, you must sustain an SEO campaign. No ifs or buts about it. The best and most efficient way to organic listings that really do last, is to focus on a long-term marketing strategy where social media is incorporated at the core of your marketing campaign.

The emphasis needs to be on people and not links

Links are penny apiece if you look in the right places. Customers aren’t. You can buy thousands of backward links for less than the price of a cappuccino. They’re no use though and only contribute to a search engine penalty, probably sooner rather than later.

For business owners of the mind-set that all you need is a boatload of links to rank organically in Google search, then look no further than the horse’s mouth themselves. Google specifically state that link building to manipulate organic search listings is strictly against their terms of service.

What’s not against their TOS, as mentioned by +Jordan Donnelly is sharing your content via social media. That’s where your connections are and those are the people who will spread the word for you. Provided you have the relationship foundations built upon. You get reciprocal benefits. The social signals shows you care about your readers, and your brand name and everything your business stands for.

So why would you go about going directly against the biggest search provider that could make or break your business?

Quite frankly, it’s desperation and stupidity, nothing more, nothing less. As abrupt as it sounds, that is how we feel.

The main component of social media is to allow business owners, and even global brands to connect together. It’s getting to know your customer. As +Sam Mottram commented: It’s about establishing a relationship with your customer.

Further comments started to pour in with +Emmett Smith adding that social signals aren’t nearly as important as the relationship itself. That is one core message each of our team members are in complete agreement with. The point is that the more you know about your target consumer, or client, depending on your business model, the better you can serve that niche market.

Business is all about serving, whether it’s serving your customers up with a first class English breakfast, or a top of the line business plan, or even a customised CV writing service. The customer comes first. Not the ranking, the relationship.

Relationships are established through brand recognition. If it fits the needs of consumers, providing lasting results, it’s a brand name worthy of promotion.

The more unique the better, but even if you think that your business has nothing unique about it, you can still do a better job than most, when you get to know your target audience.

That’s what social media marketing is about. Letting the people do the voting of what really is the best content for others who need to access the same information.

With Google being the biggest of search providers online, it’s only common sense in business to go with them. You only need look at Google+ and see first-hand what Google has achieved there. It’s the one platform that puts users first.

While it’s noted to be a social network, the company themselves call it more than that. It’s an authorship tool. That’s what helps connect businesses to potential customers.

The same applies to every social network, from Twitter to LinkedIn, all the way back to MySpace when that was the bees’ knees of social media. The success drivers on social media are always the users. It is user generated content that power the sites, and the marketing reach of every one of them.

The one thing that each of them share is the ability to share information. The difference in today’s search is that while social media isn’t all that’s required for a successful SEO campaign, it does offer the ability to instantly share content that real users find to be of value.

Those shares can then be picked up by other website owners, who can then attribute the original source of the content, back to the creator of that digital material. Think Google Authorship for claiming content as your own.

To see an example of natural link acquisition, take this as one example:

seo social synergy photo

This description above comes from +Eric Enge, creator of It is an awesome overview that describes the impact of social media on organic search results, and establishing connections through social interaction.

To make it even simpler to understand, here’s the Whiteboard Friday presentation on SEO and Google Plus…

As you can see from the video explanation above, just having G+ linked to your content can give you indexation benefits. Imagine what can be achieved through a super active and encapsulated social media presence, where your audience hang on your every word.

That’s powerful stuff, and that sort of engagement does not come fast. It takes time, effort, and devotion to serving the needs of your target audience. Longevity is only achieved by a long-term strategic SEO plan that incorporates marketing methods that help you reach people online, and not just count towards a specific number of links higher than your competitors.

Use any backlink checker and you’ll see that whatever site ranks top of Google, will not always have the highest amount of links. It’s usually far from it. It’s the trust coming from each link contributing to your link profile. It’s called a trust factor.

The more related your links are from inbound linking sites, the more credible the vote of trust. Nobody with an unrelated site is going to link to you with no rhyme or reason. Credible sites worthy of a relationship will.

Build the relationship with your target audience; establish yourself as a trustworthy source and the SEO advantages will come. It’s the only way to ensure that when you do achieve results, that those results are for the long-term, and not associated with mass link building putting your site at risk of penalisation.