Google+ Management Service

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If social media is anything, it’s time consuming. One other thing it is though is super effective at getting results. The benefits are massive for the businesses that get it right.

Getting it right though takes time, and in the world of business economics, time is money. Sometimes you just don’t have time, but the sad fact is that without the time to manage social media, all your efforts are going to be in vain.

Sad but true, but here is what you can do…

Enlist the help of a specialist management service, and that’s exactly what you can do with the Promote Your Brand Name Google+ Management Service.

Take your social media campaigns to the next level. Enrich your search listings with social votes and a bio picture that’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

With our Google+ Management Service, the connections are built for you. After all what’s social media without connections? Unsuccessful social media is the answer.

The main purpose of social marketing is for engagement, to build relationships with your prospects, and to strengthen the relationships with your current customers. And then there is the fact that it enables you to build and promote your brand which in turn helps to increase the trust the search engines have in your website which then enables your site to gain higher rankings.

Doing that means being there. Marketing is about give and take. Give praise when praise is due, and it comes back around to you. You re-share, re-post, add your links, spread your message… the more people that see it, the more connections you make.

Chances are you don’t have the time for that though, and that’s where our service can help you.

Going beyond building connections….

You must organise your circles in Google+

One of the things thats great about marketing on the Google+ channel is that you can arrange all your connections into a variety of circles. That can let you see at glance different segments of the people you have following your updates.

You can arrange that any way you like, but you have to do it an organised fashion. If a new customer just came aboard a service you’re running at full cost, and the following day you issue a promo code, it’s best to target that promotion to the appropriate target audience.

That’s what proper management of your Google+ page can do for you – to separate your followers into different segments that make it easily identifiable to establish who’s who.

To go beyond that, this is the only platform to give you detailed analytics (Google Analytics required) about your followers. You can see at a glance on the circle activity and who your most loyal followers are.

The people who comment most on your post, hit the share button, or press the plus one to vote your post up. Those are all reported back to you, and that will let you know how well your content activity is working for your business, and the people who are super engaged into your messages.

The most beneficial factor for a Google+ Management Service is that it allows any business, regardless of size, to promote their company name in a brand type fashion. The more it’s seen by people, the more they remember the name.

Putting the Personalisation into Your Marketing

Getting real with people is the only way to capture their attention in an online world filled with advertising. On Google+, advertising is minimal as it’s all about engagement. With integrated features to let you live chat in a hangout, it’s perfect for customer service, but you need to have those connections in place first.

That’s easily achieved with the personal approach taken by Google+.

What’s even better is the power of influence. Given the size of the network, followers can catch on pretty fast, provided you’re around long enough to start the conversation. You need to seek out who is appropriate to your business, read what that they have posted, re-share if you love it, plus one it if you like it, and start the conversation by leaving appropriate comments, designed to attract a response.

That’s the time consuming part of Google+ Marketing, but the saviour is the Management Services of your Google+ Page for your business.

This is a service that lets you go about your daily business, rest assured that you have professional marketing being actively completed around the network, building momentum to get more plus ones, follows, and social shares.

The more of those factors you have, the more of a chance you stand to rise in the ranks of the search engine itself.

What would you rather see in your quest to find a service?

Ten listings of static site content, or a website with a bio picture, an author by-line, and 100 plus one votes?

It’s always going to be the post with the bio picture, by-line, and any amount of plus ones that will catch the eyes of searchers.

That’s the results you can obtain when you integrate Google+ Marketing services, with efficient management of the account that ensures maximum exposure of your business name, across the board.

There is also the option of combining our Twitter and/or Facebook Management Service to achieve even higher exposure and social signals.

For the Google+ Management Service there is a monthly fee of £135 and we offer a Free One Week Trial for people to see if they like the way we run their account before deciding whether, or not, to proceed.

Please feel free to contact us today. We’d be happy to discuss your Google+ Management requirements.