Welcome to the website of Promote Your Brand Name.

Are you confident your brand is working hard enough to promote your business?

Promote Your Brand Name provide a complete range of services to ensure your brand makes an impact online.

We are a Web Marketing Company based in Torquay, England. We offer a number of Web Marketing Services to help our clients obtain high rankings within the organic search ranking listings.

Our services include social media management, web design and blog management. These are all essential components to any comprehensive marketing strategy.

We also have a social media management service monthly package. This is where we write four blog posts and manage the Facebook and Twitter accounts of our clients for a monthly fee of £275. At the outset we welcome you to take advantage of our FREE ONE WEEK TRIAL to see if you like the way that we work.

You can also have your business featured, for FREE, on our podcast which is also called Promote Your Brand Name. It is as simple as forwarding a recorded message on Whatsapp, or we can describe the business on your behalf from information that you provide. There is more information here: https://www.promoteyourbrandname.co.uk/the-free-podcast-promotion/

We welcome you to contact us at any time with any questions you might have.

Our e-mail address is info@promoteyourbrandname.co.uk and our telephone number is 07967 549 070. Steve Hill, our Director, will be on hand to answer your queries.