About Us

Promote Your Brand Name was founded in 2012. Originally set up in Birmingham, the business has since relocated to Torquay, in Devon.

We guide our clients through the complex online world and develop strategies which incorporate the essential strands of social media and content marketing.

We also understand the time and resource pressures businesses face and the increasing importance of trusted partners such as Promote Your Brand Name play in supporting and delivering a cutting-edge online brand presence for them.

Social media and the ‘social signals’ they send out are only set to increase in importance in the future, in our opinion. And when combined with uploading high quality content to your website on a regular basis, your website and brand will soon reap the rewards.

We believe businesses which embrace the power of social media and content marketing to deliver a joined-up online experience will see their brand boosted above and beyond their competition.

Let us help you start, or continue your social branding journey to achieve ever-greater success for your business.