Special Offer Package

Spend any longer than a couple of minutes on our website, and you’re sure to see that we’re firm believers in a combination of content marketing, with social media integration to spread the word of your wondrous content.

At the current time of writing, we have nine options to meet different marketing requirements of individual business owners.

Obviously, this can lead to confusion, so in a bid to simplify the situation, we’ve combined the rolodex of content and social media into one convenient package that’s sure to blow you away when you see the epic value that’s jam packed into it.

We’re calling it “Our Special Offer Package” to promote your brand name, because it has everything you really need to ignite your marketing campaign, and put them into a completely different league from anything you’ll have experienced before.

We want to be the team that gives you that burst of excitement with the real life experience of the results you’ll experience from this bonanza package.

Here’s the full scoop on everything we’ll throw your way in this package:

Your Twitter Account Fully Managed

If you’re not good with choosing words, you’ll probably find the 140 characters a real pain in the behind when you have a strong message to send, but not enough space to type it.

We have you covered on Twitter. Our team of social media experts speak the language of the Tweeting community. The Twitter language barrier can be a tough seed to break, but we believe we have it nailed.

When we find a piece of epic content, a breathtaking image, or a formidable video not to be missed, it’s shared via a FOTD à link, or similar abbreviation for the Twitter community to understand.

When you’re known to share astonishingly beneficial content with the “Find Of The Day” tag, it starts to generate ironclad results. We help your brand generate those buzz tags that get followed, and RTd à Retweeted! Do your current tweets get a number of RTs? Ours do!

We’ll hook you up with Facebook marketing too

Facebook is a time killer if you let it. It takes huge time management skills, and a holster of discipline to mind your Ps and Qs on this site with the amount of negativity that can surround it.

True to British fashion, it’s mostly gossip with negativity attached. We work hard to shift the attitude of fans by giving people truly amazing stuff to chat about that creates a feel good factor, getting communities buzzing. Make people feel good, and they aren’t long in paying attention to you messages turning up on the notifications list.

When people are looking for those notifications, we’re dedicated to ensuring your brand name is up there and memorable on the minds of each of your Facebook fans.

Careful word choice is mission critical on here

Get a misinterpreted message broadcast to your Facebook fans and you can create a buzz kill that goes viral almost instantaneously. That’s what we find stops our clients from sharing certain material via Facebook, in a bid to safeguard their reputation.

Nothing is more vital than connections, and to make sure every one of your fans understands your message, they need to know what your brand stands for. When you get your marketing right on here, there’s no wishy washy fairy fibbing goes on. Your community becomes your defence line from competitors trying to stiff your marketing efforts.

If you don’t have a fan base that works to protect your brand reputation, give us a call!

We’ll even create the epic content to share on each of the social media sites above

The one thing that you need to promote your brand name is content crafted for the needs of your target audience.

We take care of that for you, with one fresh, custom created blog post of epic content per week, regardless of your subject matter – with the exception of adult-related material.

This is achieved through research proficiency and digital content mastery!

This is what takes this service to the deluxe level as your social media marking is done for you, and alongside that, we cater to the needs of your target audience.

The content is written for you, shared to your social channels in a language your followers can understand, and implement the social language to RT, share, like, plus one, comment, and raise the bar on your brand name, generating more exposure across the web for your business.

Therefore this special offer package includes:

The management of your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Plus we will write four blog posts for you each month.

All of this is available for £275 a month and we offer a one week Free Trial at the outset.

Please feel free to contact us today. We’d be happy to discuss your Social Media Management and Marketing requirements.